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From Hong Kong , followed the U.S.

20 of the 1960s and 1970s the United States and the world , Hippie and Punk cultural trends turns on stage , the interpretation of an anti- mainstream , anti-traditional , emancipating the mind and personality and liberalism "fashion show ." At that time the young generation , advocate the use of music , language, dress and lifestyle to highlight their " hippie or punk rock ," the identity and individuality, freedom , creative ideas, and this idea was unknowingly of the art , construction, commercial and other important areas , and make styles and patterns become increasingly free and eclectic .

When profound impact of cultural trends , the more the 1970s coincided with the international industrial restructuring , the rapid development of the global economy . As the economy recovers , the major city CBD Central Business District is also taking shape , while maintaining the simplicity , efficiency, racing against the traditional characteristics , but also absorbed Hippie and Punk " individuality, freedom , creativity ," a unique idea to form a more relaxed, more free, more creative and simple drifted towards outside CBD new business forms.

As the Asian " tigers ", one of Hong Kong , will this new form of business combination with Western historical background of mutual integration , extending the freedom of thought unique , open, pluralistic values, simple and bright life fashion and young fashion attitude.

Ooriginated in Hong Kong Metropolitan Men dress trend of the world in 1993 , with Quick ( brisk ), Zappy ( outsmart ) original inspiration for the brand , Kuning Zhe brand was founded in Hong Kong , its style characteristics followed the American Independent free spirit of fashion avant-garde , but also combines oriental fashion dress elegant simplicity \ personal temperament aesthetic philosophy has created a new standard for Chinese urban fashion clothing .

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