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With the continuous progress of the evolution of the market trend , menswear market has been 30% per year rate of rapid development, the pace of development of men's fashion is as high as 45 percent , the achievements of a magnificent "Blue Ocean" market. Broad market prospects for the sake of quality brands to provide a rich soil , for the sake of quality but also for its strong vitality continues to prosper .

In the new stage of brand development , QIUZHI advocated "free mass in the" brand culture, advocating a high-grade , high-value texture of life , respect for individuality and freedom of consumers , is committed to providing personalized products to meet consumer demand . Faced with increasingly rational consumer groups , QIUZHI pursuit of individuality and freedom advocates , extending out of the huge capacity of the market, business opportunities , business development given the vast arena. Wise , courageous market entry and subsequent specification , positive, innovative management , product development, channel management , branding three force one, brand development for the QIUZHI spreading a bright away.

We firmly believe that , QIUZHI limitless future development of enterprises will work with business partners who create the wealth of the road, through continuous hard work ahead for consumers and investors have to submit a satisfactory answer, work together to create a harmonious and win-win road of healthy development .

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