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Elite style[2013-10-14]

- Ku Ningzhe brand new spring and summer 2014 conference

Kuning Zhe brand creation date, in order to become elite urban upstart and Reiz favored brand for the purpose. On top of this, Kuning Zhe uphold the conviction and improve self-esteem, build elite operations team, all-out product upgrades, only available to consumers set extrinsic and intrinsic qualities seamless style products, in order to enrich the brand connotation , branding style.


Is unique style,

Is Thatcher's character,


Is Kuning Zhe extraordinary innate temperament,

Is consistent with the pursuit of self-will Men style.

2014 spring and summer, Kuning Zhe brand invites you,

Style gives life to the elite superior texture,

Tide is still a tendency to compose a bright brand new chapter.

Meeting time :2013.09.14-09 .16

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